The Season of my Madness

The season of my madness,
The loathing in her eyes;
The reason for my sadness,
The hurt, the pain, the lies.

The quenching of my fire,
The singing of her lips;
The drenching of desire,
The stinging of her whips.

The forcing of my stillness,
The gaining of her trust;
The coursing of my illness,
The rage of blood and lust.

The grasping of my fingers,
The tasting of her skin;
The gasping as she lingers,
The wasting of my sin.

The grinding and the tussle,
The spilling of my seed;
The binding of our muscles,
The filling of our need.

Screaming to the rafters,
Attrition of the fight;
Dreaming with her After,
Submission, for the Night.

After Dark Tales                     Hyperion Empire