Morning Rumble

{This story is for Adults Only}

She looked out the window, down to the parking lot where he was striding in what can only be described as a "full strut" toward his motorcycle. She couldn't see his face under the wide brim of his black hat, but she bet he had a big ol' smile.  

He swung a leg over the chassis and a moment later she heard the powerful engine growl to life. She saw his hips vibrate on the seat, and she blushed red, thinking of just a few moments ago when that same movement had torn apart the calmness of the morning. 

She'd been getting ready for work when he'd suddenly knocked on the door, and burst in before she could even register surprise at someone here this early. 

Damn, I forgot he still had a key.  He had on black jeans, black leather jacket, and a big black hat - his outlaw outfit, he called it. He must be on his bike

Without a word, a good morning, an explanation for what he was doing there this early or why he was there at all - especially after how everything ended - he crossed the room, spun her around, and pushed her out onto the balcony. 

Her camisol was ripped, who knows where her panties had gone and....oh, god, the noises she had made.  What if the neighbors heard?  What if they had seen?  How dare he just come in like that, with no permission, and put his hands on her body and do those things to mer?

(Although, she felt her face flush even further, if she was completely honest, she had to admit that at one point she'd screamed that if he stopped she sould stab him - and she meant it!)

Now, looking down on him, as he rumbled the machine, gripping the handlebars as he had squeezed her breasts, her own thighs still rumbling, her lips quivering, she willed him to look back up at her.  Even if she would die of shame for him to see how much she still wanted him, she willed him to look up.  

Look up.  Look up.  Look up, she thought.  But he rode out of the parking lot without a backwards  glance. And somehow that made her want him all the more. 

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