Blue Faerie Dream

[Hyperion's Note: almost two years ago my friend Nezemnaya sent me this story of a dream she'd had. I immediately asked her if I could publish it, and then, once permission was given, in typical Hyperion-fashion I didn't get around to it for almost a year. I planned on doing it last year for her birthday, but something came up and then I forgot again. Anyway, it's her birthday again today, and better late than never, I am presenting it to you. 

This really is a dream - not a crafted story - and Nezemnaya tells it that way. It often makes no sense to me, but not in a bad way, in that "dreams never make sense" kind of way. She references things I've never heard of (which could be because she lives on a different continent, the whole dream-reality thing again, or just that she's a woman), but it doesn't matter at all.  Whether or not I understand what she's talking about it's an amazing dream and you're going to absolutely love it. My thanks to her for letting me publish her crazy dream, and Happy Birthday, Nezemnaya.]

I had the BEST dream today.

I was a fairy, some minor one – with a pair of small pink transparent wings like those of a dragonfly, but rounder on my back and only as wide as my hand is long from the shoulder to the elbow. They were mostly useless – did not allow me to fly, but they gave me magic. I was also able to hide them at will, so that they would not get in the way of my wearing ordinary human clothing.

I had an old knight who protected me, but some drunken royal guards stole his magical sword that gave him strength, agility and looks of a much younger man. So I decided that it was my turn to stand up for him and I started a fight with these guards in order to get the weapon back.  But since I was so fragile (to the guards), and I was so angry that I could not concentrate well enough to hide my wings and physically hurting a fairy is off limits, we decided that we’d drink strong alcoholic drinks and the last man standing will win the weapon.

It turned out that they tricked me and instead of ordinary FantaStica drinks – boiling orange somethings that were popular there, they mixed a much stronger drink that had a component that is poisonous for a minor fairy like myself.  I ended up on the Sobering-Up Bus that took drunks from around the city and gave them a ride home once they sobered up.

There were two very scary guys there and a human driver – a nice young human lad, about my height and age. I mind-shielded my wings like hell, so that the guys in the back of the bus would not get that I was a fairy. But somehow they still did and wanted to catch me and just have some violent – "come sit on my lap or I’ll cut your throat" – kind of fun with a fairy-girly-girl. The driver-boy helped me to escape, but we had to ditch the bus outside the city. My own home was on the opposite side of town so this boy – Tommy, he said his name was – offered that I could stay at his place – that was much closer – until morning came.

We started walking and accidentally touched each other and there was a bright spark -- like two Roman candles going off together -- and such sexual tension kicked in that it was almost unbearable.

The thing was that fairies try not to have anything in common with ordinary humans – it’s beneath them. But the attraction was so major that even holding hands while walking down the road made us both want to start taking our clothing off. Little sparks kept running from his fingers to mine making me shiver all over.

We reached an old dark apartment building and entered a tiny, poor - but unexpectedly tidy - room of his that only held a bed, a table and a chair and had a door that must have led to a bathroom. He came in and stopped by the window facing me.  I locked the door and looked around trying not to eye him much. The only light in the room was from a street lamp beaming through the dark curtains. We both felt damn shy since we hardly knew each other and we also belonged to social circles so different that normally we had no chance to even have met.

I decided that it was so magical that the two of us found each other and had that much attraction towards one another that being shy and trying to hold ourselves back was definitely not the way to go. So I went to sit on the bed and faced him.  His eyes looked human – yes, but they had a glow in them that I came to realize was a reflection of my wings shining. I was so overwhelmed with the whole thing that I forgot to keep hiding them. I tried to concentrate, wings blinked but did not disappear and that was when he said:

"Please, do not hide them! They are so beautiful and unearthly. I know I am not supposed to see them, but please let me enjoy the view, it might be the only time I get to see fairy wings this up-close."

I did not argue, I touched his bed sheets with my hand – they were of a rich blue color – and I realized that they were way out of place with the surroundings – fine material that felt like linen to the touch and must have cost way more than any bus driver could have earned in a year. Even I could not afford something as dainty as that. He must have noticed my confusion and said:

"These were a present from my friends; they all chipped in to get them for me. I am sorry, I do not have any white ones. You must like them better?”

I told him that loved the blue ones and that not all fairies were into white color. (Contrary to the common belief.)

This was the moment where we could not keep the small talk going any more – the tension was just too much. The palms of my hands ached with how much I wanted to touch his bare skin and see if the shiny golden sparks would appear again and trace my movements. I got up, he made a step closer towards me. The next moment we were next to each other tearing each other's clothes off. The sensation of his naked upper body against my bare breasts was simply stunning;, tiny sparks shone everywhere we touched. It looked like we created little golden fireworks each time we caressed and touched each other.

Once we were completely naked he pulled the blanket off the bed in one movement and pushed me towards the bed.

“I want to feel the weight of your body on mine, but I’ll have to hide away the wing if I want to be under”, Isaid. He nodded and I had to pull together every bit of clear mind I had to hide my wings. Concentration on hiding the magical part of me even gave me a second to think that some things are simply too much a part of your life that you cannot neglect them even in order to forget yourself to what promises to be the best night of pleasure you ever get. Like some never forget to put their glasses in a safe place, I had to be sure my wings would not get hurt.

What came next, once we both looked entirely human and in bed, upon smooth sheets, was a crazy dance of two bodies that felt too good to be possible for people who just met and touched each other for the first time. He seamed to know all the right places on my body that needed his special attention, he did everything exactly as I loved it with as much tenderness of force that was required to bring me to a boiling hot point in seconds rather than minutes or hours. He even bit me slightly on the back of my neck! Something I had to ask from all other lovers of mine, but never on our first night – it was too personal of a spot to share with half-strangers.

But I wasn’t the only one amazed. The way I touched him seemed to bring him fast too. I arched towards his arm and licked - slowly and thoroughly – on the soft little pit on his inner elbow. The way his body reacted with a head to toe shiver made me purr, I can purr when I am excited as much as that, but I have claws and mental fangs too. And I bit. Bit his shoulder hard and savage. A tiny bit harder and I’d feel the taste of his blood in my mouth, but I knew my limits. That made him scream and you could not mistake the sound for anything other than overwhelming pleasure.

And still, we were delaying THE moment. I felt him hard against my belly. I knew he was almost disproportionally well endowed. I knew that once inside me it would feel like he reached almost to the invisible part of my belly button. (Exactly as I like ‘em.) He took my hands by the wrists and pinned them above my head with his right hand while directing himself into me with the left. Oh, a lefty, I thought and giggled out load on how out of place this thought of mine was.

“You find THIS funny?!” – he almost yelled at me, looking into my face.

“Hell, no!”, I replied.

He slid into me, all of him, holding his body above mine in an arch. I crossed my ankles on the small of his back and did not move. At all. Neither did he. Just the sensation of him inside me was already almost enough to take me to a bright and shiny orgasm but I did not want that.

Not yet.

I wanted more, wanted to feel him move inside me, in and almost out and then in again, feel the weight of him on me – not the careful holding back he gave me now. I looked into his eyes and saw him being scared as if he was afraid to hurt me if he moved.

“Oh Heavens, do not look at me like THAT, or I’ll come before I make another move!” (Ha! I guess that explains the worry in the eyes.)

But I could not make myself be still any longer! I made a movement towards him, bringing him even deeper into me if that was ever possible and that broke his self-control and he rushed himself out only to come back again. It felt like all of my body melted. It almost hurt - that’s how perfect it felt – him coming and going. Sensation grew. And grew. And then all I saw was fireworks, and I flew, and I laughed, and I was crying, and I yelled. And I felt how he let himself go, braking off the last bits of self-control and doubled the golden sparks with a long groan. He came.

That second the room was suddenly lit. Light was everywhere, I was so lost to the physical sensation that my mind refused to wrap around what was happening. My body still, my mind working at over light speed. I was actually seeing what I was seeing.

WINGS! Huge summer-sky-blue wings with white lace-like edges, shaped like those of a butterfly and as if made of velvet. Wings that reached over his head and fell all the way to his feet. They were the source of light in the room!

His body went still. His eyes flicked and opened.

"Oh shit…"

"That’s all you can say, Sire?"

"I am no Sire to you! Nor to anyone."

"What......WHO are you then?"

"Just a prince."

"Oh yeah, that explains it so well and GET THE HELL OUT AND OFF ME!"

He did even better by getting of the bed in one jump. He walked toward the door that I saw earlier and opened it, the lights in the other room switched on automatically. Oh, it was a bathroom all right. The most out-of-place bathroom I could have imagined. Maybe three or four times bigger than the bedroom, it had a floor and walls of white marble with summer-sky-blue inlay here and there. I saw a pool in the floor, not a bath, but a real pool that looked like it was filled with hot water, since it was steaming a little, and it could easily fit 10 people if they stood shoulder to shoulder by its sides.

He stopped in the doorway and that was when I saw him. I may have seen him moments before but all I was thinking about were his wings and now.. I saw him. He was different. He was at least two heads taller than me, long muscular legs, wide torso, he now also looked proportioned bellow the belt too. His hair was still dark, but longer, the color of his eyes matched that one of the wings. He was stunningly beautiful, handsome too, but almost too perfect to be existent.

I could only dream of being as good at disguise as "Highest of Fairy" that he was. Different social circles my ass! He was in the King’s bloodline, as close to the top as it gets, as magical a creature as fairy go. And there I, only a few hours ago, thought that I was stepping into a m├ęsalliance.

I sat up in bed, pulled my knees to my chin and hugged myself. My wings were hidden, I did not even have to give them a second thought. It wasn’t totally usual of them to be like that in the presence of a higher fairy, but I kinda understood how they should feel. I was hurting badly. I enjoyed him admiring my wings earlier so much. Since it was all a lie I felt way more stupid than I’d like to.

"May I ask your name?"

"I am Tobias. But please call me Tobi."

"Tommy-Tobi. I get it. I am Olly, by the way." (You gotta be polite no matter what, right?)

"Yeah, I know."


"You got registered to my bus, remember?"

"Oh, I see....Can I go now? This is too humiliating even to someone as open-minded as I am."

"Please don’t!" He started to come back into the room, I must have winced visibly, because he stopped walking.

"I can explain."

"Oh I'm sure that would be so good, but I am not staying for any of it."

I got out of bed and started picking up my clothes that were thrown around the room. I blushed at the thought of how they ended up scatted like that, but next moment the blood was rushing to my head not out of shame, but of sheer fury. I desperately wanted a shower. I had the worst evening ever (and the best night EVER), I was tired as hell, my body ached all over and I was feeling sorry for myself. But none of the above was a reason to run. I was not the one who created the mess, but I was – even while not wanting to admit it – very curious to know how the hell did I end up in the middle of it.

Straightening myself, even the wings shoot out of my back, shining. I hoped I looked as mad as felt (although it’s kinda hard to be convincing while totally naked), and I asked:

"You do not get laid much, do you?  Now it was his turn to wince.

"That’s not the point. If you let me I’ll try to explain!"

"I am way too mad to listen to anything right now. Move, I am taking a shower and you stay here."

If he was surprised he had the decency not to show it. I almost ran him over on my way into the bathroom and shut the door behind me with a pleasing bang. I threw the clothes that I have gathered from the floor minutes ago onto the marble and looked around. There were mirrors on one wall and towels - that looked shaggy and had to be very soft – on the other. Guess the color, haha.

I wish there’d been a shower here, but all I had at my disposal was the steaming pool and what looked like a Japanese-style high-tech lavatory pot in the corner. I came closer to the pool and some narrow stairs to the left of it. I had to admit it looked inviting. I touched the water with my foot, it was a couple degrees hotter than human body temperature – just what I needed. I hid the wings and got in.

Once I got into the pool and relaxed into the blissful hug of hot water I realized that I was almost too relaxed to get out. I had to pull myself together, wash quickly and get back to the real world as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’d fall asleep right here and might totally drown – that would be a perfect ending to the last 24 hours of my life. On the other hand, staying in the bathroom for as long as possible might make Mister Fucking Prince Charming uncomfortable and that would please me much.

I was out in only a few minutes, fully dressed, hair damp, shoes missing, wings covered, nose and chin up. He was fully dressed too (same kind of clothes as Before– black jeans, black t-shirt – different size), shoes included, his hair pulled to the back into a ponytail with what looked like an upper part of a sock cut off. Nifty.

"You are out quick, good. I thought you’d be there longer." (I gave myself a mental pat on the head for not following the evil one of my plans.) "The limo is waiting, we should go."

"Oh, gee, that sounds almost ‘every day life’ like to me. I’d rather get a taxi, thank you."

"Please stop playing coy, we both know you aren’t. I – my driver – will give you a ride home and I will try to explain myself on the way."

Coy? Who? Me?! Ouch.

Limo was a long, black and shiny 6-seater with a very well-equipped bar. I’d rather it had something to eat, but who am I here to complain. Tobi took a seat by the window opposite the door, I chose a seat far across,  leaving a two-seat sofa between us. The car started moving; it felt too nice for my sleepy self. I had to be as uncomfortable as possible in order not to dose off.

"Would you like to go by a drive-thru?" – he asked. I had to wonder if he could read minds in addition to looks that stunned better than any gun.

"Hell yeah. But it’s on you, since I have no idea where my purse is." (Oh shit, that has to mean I do not have my keys either!)

"Don’t worry, your purse is waiting for you near your house in my bus. I had it delivered."

"You honestly do not fit into any pattern I had in mind. It’s too damn hard to figure you out! Start talking, before I loose my temper again, ‘coz next time it happens, it’s gonna be for good. And yeah, start with – what kind of a Prince are you? It’s not like I read newspapers a lot, but I do know most of our local royalty and neither of them drive buses or have butterfly kind of wings!"


(Dreamed and written July 23, 2009; published June 21, 2011)

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