Soon Come the Rain

She slides across the scent-soaked sheets, satisfied and unashamed. 

Her skin still amps with current, the air still thick with musk and spark and luxuriating lust. 
That shared desire is like an intermittent thunder-storm; 
there may not be rain right now, 
but the ground is wet, the air hums heavy with moisture; 
no doubt the rains will come again. 

Oh yes, they will come again. 

She feels every pore of her tingling skin, 
from the small hidden bite-mark behind her left ear, 
trailing all the way down her smooth supple back, 
around sensual curves to still-shaking legs. 
Her calves are just beginning to sweetly ache. 
Her inner thighs feel raw and abraded. 
It is like he says when limping through the door after a 
Saturday afternoon of basketball in the park: 
"Yeah, I'm sore....but I earned it."

Her fingers lightly scroll over her hips; her tummy shivers at touch-memory. 
She can trace every movement of his hands on her body like lines on a map. 
She can still feel every flick of his tongue as if etched in stone.
"Soft stone," he likes to call her; 
so seemingly hard - a lifetime earned - yet so pleasingly soft underneath it all. 

With garments shed wantonly on his floor, 
with her folded so-willingly into his arms and fallen into his bed, 
she was as softly curved and silky smooth as he could wish for - and more. 

"Honeyed heat," he murmured after sliding his body against her 
all the way up to her mouth so she too could 
taste her essence still dripping from his lips. 
Her desire inflamed her, and she attacked him with lips and teeth and nails. 
His desire overwhelmed her, and she soon succumbed. 

"mmmmmm....."  She was melting at the replay in her mind. 
She felt as if she could dissolve into these very sheets, 
silent scribe to their carnality, stained with their 
entwined Testament that was not her, not him, but uniquely "us." 

She breathed deep, suckled-sore breasts heaving, 
wanting to capture the moment, the memory, the magic they had shared. 
She knew he might tease her if he returned to find her 
in such a state of stretchful bliss, but she didn't care. 

Right now she would forgive him anything, as long as the rains came again. 

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