The Violence Of My Desire

The Thirty-One Days of Poetry (2013 Edition)

Day - the Seventeenth

The Violence Of My Desire

The violence of my desire
Is hard and unyielding
The fury of my passion overwhelms
I cannot control it, and have no wish to
Though I should
Though I should

I think of you, my breathing ragged
I wonder if you think of me
Dream of me, want me, fear me
Fear your own desire
You know I am not safe
But you do not run away
Though you should
Though you should

I want what I cannot have
Your need, your fear, your abandon
The corruption of your honor and soul
To serve the fire in your belly
And the sin on your lips
These are the thoughts of a monster
And no one who cared for you 
Would ever see them done
But I would
But I would

Come now, into my arms into my bed
Into the Madness in my head
You taste good
You taste good

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