The Violence of My Desire
(December 18, 2013) Poem about wanting

(July 1,2013) Sexy Dark story about a soldier's insatiable need for his queen

Indigo Volcanoes
(September 10, 2012) Short poem about smoldering dreams

Sweet Sweat
(September 4, 2012) Short poem about her deliciousness

'ere I slip....
(November 17, 2011) Short poem about carnal hunger

Deliver Me 
(October 6, 2011) Two 78-word short stories based on a provocative picture of a woman in a courtyard. (Includes guest-story)

I Like 'em
(August 28, 2011) Tribute Poem for Breast Cancer Awareness

Pain descends on dark demons' wings
(August 24, 2011) - The seduction of Pain (part of the 31 Days of Poetry)

Stopping by her on a hungry evening
(August 20, 2011) poem about spying an irresistible woman (part of the 31 Days of Poetry)

Wave the Red Flag
(August 16, 2011) the alluring danger of new red lacy panties

(August 5, 2011) A man learns he doesn't know as much as he thought about women... (part of the 31 Days of Poetry)

 Soon Come the Rain
(July 2, 2011) A woman remembers the storm, and prays for more rain (Poem)

Faded Jeans
(June 25, 2011) A man reminisces about the first time he touched his wife's favorite jeans...

Morning Rumble
(April 18, 2011) An unexpected start to the morning....

I don't mind your Darkness
(August 21, 2010) Poem: an appreciation of girls who aren't so good....

(July 27, 2010) There's more than one way to get wet in a shower....

The Affair of the Pudding and the Shirt
(July 26, 2010) All's fair in Love and Pudding....

(July 8, 2010) The mind of a woman after intimacy might be even more interesting than during....

Colors of War
(June 30, 2010) A woman waits for her husband to return from the battlefield

(May 10, 2010) A dramatic encounter during the 5 Kingdoms War...

Half-Remembered Dream
(March 28, 2010) Dream about a late-night visitor come in through the bedroom window.

Her Elegance is Back
(February 14, 2010) Poem about an underrated part of the Female body

Strain of Passion
(January 26, 2010) Short story - the bed as a battlefield

(November 2, 2009) After Dark Miniature - Short poem meant for Halloween After Dark.

Silken Tendrils of Smoke
(October 24, 2009) After Dark Miniature - Short poem about trying to pull Thoughts of Her together

More Than Halfway There
(March 18, 2009) After Dark Miniature - Short poem about the Anticipation that comes Before.

In The Night
(June 12, 2008) Those thoughts that run through your head in the dead of night...

Simon Sez
(July 1, 2007) Story set on the little-known holiday of Half-Year's Eve

(June 26, 2007) Story of love and danger in a traveling Carnival.

(March 29, 2007) A couple on their 7th Anniversary

Old Lang Syne
(January 1, 2007) On a car ride to a New Year's Eve Party

Christmas Presence
(December 25, 2006) Story based on the idea, "I'll be home for Christmas."

They Buried Her There
(November 1, 2006) After Dark Miniature - For Wordsmith; poem based on a picture.

(July 26, 2006) The first of Hyperion's attempts to write a short story based on a picture.

Just like That
(March 14, 2006) Originally run on Hyperion-X, the first After Dark story involves a movie set, as the director seeks inspiration.

After Dark Tales from Guest Authors

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